How does touch work for this app? Selecting a tile will bring it to the forefront and stop it from scrolling. Hitting the back key or touching an empty place on the screen will put it back in place. Touching the tile again will take you to the source of the tile for more info, a higher-resolution image or to watch a movie.

Is this app going to use my data plan, send me into bankruptcy and put my family on the street? Well, at least as far as using the data-plan part it will. Depending on how many external sources you choose, the App will be using air-time to download images from the Internet. If you find a collection of images that you use a lot, you can download them once and save to a photo directory for continual use.

What’s up with this swirling thing? I can’t read my RSS feeds! We “grew up” in Tornado Alley so we’re a bit twisted. If it makes you dizzy, use the preference menu to turn it off.

Hey, those aren’t my images! We’ll let it slide this time, but this is a FAQ. You’re supposed to phrase your responses in the form of a question! When the app first starts up, and whenever it needs to refresh, it loads a bunch of default photos that we took on our vacations to exotic places like Okmulgee Oklahoma. As soon as enough other content is available, we drop the defaults so you can go back to your own exotic vacation photos.

About that refresh, I sat and watched this app for 12 hours and my clever Tweet about Justin Beeber isn’t getting any responses! What’s going on? Seriously, you sat and watched this app for 12 hours? And you can’t even spell Bieber? At the moment, the only time the app refreshes content is in the following conditions: When you change orientation of the phone, when you  go in and out of the preferences menu and when you return from viewing external content – e.g. post an update to your “clever” Beeber tweet. We plan on including auto-refresh in future releases.

Hey Ticker guy, how come you didn’t include my RSS feed detailing the tour dates and appearances of  the Backstreet Boys during their Final Reunion Tour  Number 4? Uh, I must have missed that one when was looking for important content. If you want to add it yourself, use the Advanced Menu. Basically you find the http URL for the feed, and then replace the http with rss. For example, the Associated Press RSS Sports feed  would be entered as: rss://hosted.ap.org/lineups/SPORTSHEADS-rss_2.0.xml . When you add multiple feeds, separate each with a comma. For more hints on adding your own content, see this post.

I added some feeds using the advanced menu, but they don’t show up in the Sources menu. Why? Sources you add in the advanced menu are only seen in the advanced menu, not in the Sources menu. This may be addressed in future releases and we hope to make it easier to add feeds in general.

Can you add my favorite RSS feed or other source to the Sources list? There are thousands and thousands of feeds out there so we can’t add them all, but send your suggestions to FeedSuggestions@socialmediaticker.com. We have some ideas for future content too, so watch for new releases.

I just added 67 RSS feeds to go along with my 5000 internal photos. How come this thing is running slow? The more content you use, the more processing power it will take to get it set up and this will be particularly evident when first loading . Once it is all set up and the content loaded, things should run fairly smoothly, but  depending on your device, you may want to limit the number of feeds you use.

Sometime I see a blank or mostly blank screen. What’s going on? When your Internet connection is slow or flaky, the app may not be able to fetch your content. Once your connection is restored, your content should return.

Is this a real FAQ or did you just make this stuff up? Hey, we’re responsible Internet citizens who wouldn’t even think of violating the Internet Laws regarding truth-in-posting. We’re insulted to even think that someone would insinuate such things. The only time we ever make things like this up is when it’s more convenient then doing real research.


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    • Hi Cordel – No, it starts fresh since the content on many of the feeds (RSS, YouTube, Flickr, etc) could have changed since the app was last used.

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