Abstract Photo Painter

Abstract of a visitor to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall


Abstract Photo Painter is an Android app that allows you to apply an impressionist-type effect to your photo. Photos can be loaded either from the camera or via a gallery service pointing to existing photos on your phone or tablet. After load your photo, you can adjust many different parameters to change or enhance the effect. As there is a good deal of random behavior when rendering the photos, you will get different results from one run to the next even when the parameters are unchanged.

If, during an individual run you are satisfied with the current results, you can press once on the image to pause. Press again to resume. In either case when you’re satisfied, use the share menu to send the picture out in email or upload it to various services.

Here’s a short description of the parameters that can be adjusted

  • Stroke Length. How long a “brush stroke” will be on average. The smallest setting will be tiny and depending on the brush size, (below) it can be almost invisible. The longest setting can cause the photo to become almost unrecognizable.
  • Strokes. This tells the app how many strokes to take outward from each selected point. At the “Few” setting, there will only be a couple of strokes radiating out from a point. At the highest setting, you’ll get more of a “spider” look, assuming that the Stroke Length (above) setting gives you the length to make individual strokes visible.
  • Brush Size. How big each painted “dot” will be.
  • Brush Shape. Circle, Square, Rounded Square or Continuous stroke. The continuous setting draws each stroke as a continuous line where the others are individually placed dots.
  • Number of Strokes. How many starting strokes to take. In general, the smaller your brush and/or stroke length, the larger you will want to set this value.

    Processed image

    Original Image

    Click for Full-Res example

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