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Insta Echo is a free plugin for your Instagram app. Share your Instagram creations straight from your Instagram app. Send photos to email, Google Drive, Dropbox, Google+, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, other photo apps, etc, etc, etc. No more restrictions. The sky’s the limit! You can even share back to Instragram itself allowing you to layer your effects!

Note: To use this app, you must have Instgram already installed from the Play Store

Insta Echo can fail to attach itself to Instagram if Instagram is already running in the background when you start Insta Echo. Restarting Insta Echo can sometimes help.

To use normally, make sure Instagram is not running, then run Insta Echo to start the sharing plugin. When sharing is activated, the “UPLOAD” button in Instagram will first do a standard Instagram upload followed by displaying the standard Android sharing menu, giving you acces to any app on your system that is able to ingest images. To return to the default Instagram behavior, run Insta Echo again and select the “Stop” button.

For more creativity, use Instaecho along with Abstract Photo Painter!

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13 comments on “Insta Echo

  1. A little confused…
    I take a picture in Instagram….
    How do I save it (without sending it to e.g., Facebook) so that it will be available
    to me when I close Instagram and load your app?
    I think your app is great; I’m just missing something.

    • Evan,

      The typical sequence would be to start with my App, Launch Instagram from within my app, do all your normal Instgram operations, and then when you hit the “Upload” key in Instagram, your photo will go to Instagram’s server (if you choose, you can uncheck the Facebook button on the Instgram screen).

      After the Instagram upload, my Menu will appear allowing you to send the same photo to another app for processing, or send it SMS, email, Google+, etc. Hope that clears it up!


      • Trina – Sorry. If Instagram isn’t shown for your device, you have an unsupported device and will have to contact the Instagram company.

  2. Does this app work when yu want to share other photos posted by other ppl in instagram.. ?? Nd how do I do that..??

    • You need to always launch Instagram from within Instaecho. Then after posting your Photo, you will get a new Share menu where you can share your photo elsewhere

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