Welcome to Social Media Ticker.  We hope you enjoy using this Android App as much as we do.

You’ve got the fancy phone.  You’ve got a ton of Social Media sites to keep up with. And you want to have some fun. Social Media Ticker has you covered.  Envisioned primarily for use when when your phone is docked or otherwise idle, Social Media Ticker automatically keeps up with your Facebook feed, Twitter stream, the hottest videos on YouTube, what’s new on Flickr, photos from your phone, the latest News headlines and more. All in an an interactive 3D scrolling, Ticker-Tape display.  Set your phone down and watch your feeds scroll by. Tap an item to stop it from scrolling. Tap again to open up the post, picture or movie.

Visit Social Media Ticker in the Android Market

Slight update to better handle RSS feeds that have a very long title. Thanks to everyone who reported this.

Couple of small updates: The algorithm used to select a random tile was changed to give better distribution from the various sources and a first-time welcome message was added.

Bug fix for twitter feeds – Added location tile so you can see yourself n the map! – Hide the status banner until you select a tile

New release out. Thanks to an API from 3tapps.com, you can now add content from ebay, CriagsList, Twillow and more. So if you’re dying to see content from bizarre ebay auctions, or movie posters, or pictures of NYC apartments, you’re set!

Finally fixed a long-standing bug that was occasionally causing black tiles to come up. Added a search for Hacker News.

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