Did you know that you can add your own feeds?

Did you know that you can add your own feeds to Social Media Ticker?¬†You’re not limited to the built-in feeds found in the Sources menu.

Using the advanced menu you can add your own, and there are a number of different types supported. When you add multiple feeds, separate each with a comma.

How about a Flickr query for animal pictures?

You can add many different RSS feeds using a format such as:


That one would give you the weather in the 80112 zip code.

Want to see what’s going on in the world? Here’s an RSS feed for people mentioning the Middle East on Twitter:


Want to add your own text? Here’s an example:

text://Hello World

If you want to include the current time you’d do something like:
text://It’s $time$

Got a favorite traffic cam that you want to see? Here’s one on the continental divide:


Have some pictures on your Android that weren’t found? Add them by referencing the directory they live in. For example,

3 comments on “Did you know that you can add your own feeds?

  1. I’m very disappointed with this app, it does not automatically come on when your screen times out as it says it does in the description, also it does not play the latest feeds from Facebook, its still displaying feeds from 2 days ago…. again very disappointed!!!!

    • Dave – Thanks for the feedback. Sorry the description wasn’t clear enough. It was never the intent to automatically turn on when the screen times out. It sounds cool, but I’m afraid it would drain the battery when people weren’t expecting it. The normal intent is to use the app when plugged in and to manually turn it on instead of a blank screen. As far as Facebook, I’m at the mercy of the official Facebook API. I can only display what the API returns.

    • Dave – Regarding running when the screen blanks, I thought about it a bit and in certain conditions (i.e. only when on external power), this might be nice. The good news, is that you can get it to work right away. Here’s how: Install a free app called llama which has the ability to automate many, many different actions. For this case, set up an event called “Screensaver”. For this event, add two conditions: Screen Goes off, and charging is on (AC or USB). Then add two actions: Run the Social Media Ticker app, and turn the Screen back on. Presto! You now have a screensaver!

      Lots of fun. Thanks for the suggestion!

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